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Gavin Rapp

Writer, Director, Editor





119 W 8th St.

Aspinwall, PA 15215

A Bit About Me

DGA certified SAG Signatory independent award winning writer/director, Gavin is the son of the late hall of fame singer, Janet Vogel Rapp. She was the soprano supreme in hall of fame doo-wop group called The Skyliners.

During the early part of his life he traveled with his mom and The Skyliners and was deeply immersed into the life of music and entertainment on the stage and behind the stage. When he was able, he filmed shows with his Kodak Super 8 camera and from those experiences was deeply affected by this medium of expression.

Gavin writes, produces, directs and edits his own projects. He has produced, written and or directed four feature films and he is currently in development on an emotionally charged bloody action pic called A Silent Order - Book I - (think DaVinci Code meets John Wick) and a mini-series called the Holy Driver which is streaming on Roku's Tonic TV.
He is a Central Catholic High School grad and a Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, with a BA in Economics.

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