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Pesci & Liotta

Carl Kuzel - Producing Partner

As a SAG/AFTRA member, Carl has been in numerous productions, from feature films and television, to an ongoing mini-series and local commercials.

He is a retired police Sgt. from the City of McKeesport and when he isn't performing duties as a highly trained police technical advisor on set for CBS or other affiliates, he is either acting or producing.

Carl's experience is invaluable to White Collar Pictures and his professionalism and resourcefulness always elevates every production he is a part of.

Angelo Sotereanos - Producing Partner

Angelo's specialty is in budgeting, scheduling and overall production management. He's also worked in the publicity department for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and stayed with the academy for over seven telecasts.


Angelo has a multitude film and television credits and worked closely for years in Warren Beatty's office. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America and The Screen Actors Guild.

Managing Partners

Gavin Rapp
DGA certified SAG Signatory independent award winning writer/director, Gavin is the son of the late hall of fame singer, Janet Vogel Rapp. She was the soprano supreme in hall of fame doo-wop group called The Skyliners.

During the early part of his life he traveled with his mom and The Skyliners and was deeply immersed into the life of music and entertainment on the stage and behind the stage. When he was able, he filmed shows with his Kodak Super 8 camera and from those experiences was deeply affected by this medium of expression.

Gavin writes, produces, directs and edits his own projects. He has produced, written and or directed four feature films and is currently in development on a faith based action pic called A Silent Order - Book I - (think DaVinci Code meets John Wick) an action pic entitled CHAOS, a mini-series - The Holy Driver, (Season I is streaming on Tubi, Reveel, and Tonic TV) and a female Werewolf movie called House of Wolves. Gavin is also in pre-production on Season II of The Holy Driver and will be filming again this winter and spring.
He is a Central Catholic High School grad and a Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, with a BA in Economics.


Mike Hamilton - Partner

Over the past 15 years, Mike Hamilton has worked on and completed two award winning independent feature films: Trapped and Since I Don’t Have You. He was also one of the original story-writers on the feature film Trapped.  Most recently he has appeared in and helped produce the award winning mini-series entitled - The Holy Driver.


He is currently a U.S. Military Financial Counselor covering all 6 branches, working for Magellan Federal. He has been awarded 4 Challenge Coins in the 3.5 years that he has held the position. He’s currently based at the 911th USAFR base in Pittsburgh, Pa., and has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry.


Mike has a B.A. in Economics from Allegheny College.

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