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Father Frank, a military chaplain experiencing Stigmata returns home for his uncle’s funeral and is gradually pulled into a bloody battle to save his old girlfriend and his younger brother from Loco Louie of the Sinaloa cartel and a corrupt faction of Catholic priests that traffic humans and drugs through a clandestine parish network. Along the way he meets a spiritual mentor named Monsignor Trovato who reveals to him his true legacy; being a chosen member of the ancient Silent Order.

This story is a unique psychological action thriller twisting together the clandestine relations of organized crime, narco-terrorism, spy technology, international money laundering and the Vatican.
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The story is a dark journey through Frank’s experiences. It encompasses the dawn of The Holy Order of Kill and the evolution of sin and how it pervades everything.

This is set at the intersection of the current day and the mysterious past, it explores a world from inside the church, behind the veil of love and forgiveness. It carefully guards an age old secret that the church does not want public.

With Gavin Rapp as the writer/director it has the visual styles ranging from the grittiness of “Zero, Zero, Zero” to the brilliantly produced but short lived Italian production of  “Suburra - Blood on Rome.”


A Silent Order digs deep into this fascinating genre. . .

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