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White Collar Pictures successful model

For almost 20 years White Collar Picture’s content criteria is based on original great stories, branded entertainment, high profitability combined with elements that drive critical acclaim, thus protecting and maximizing its investment partners opportunities while adding an on-going valuation.


White Collar Pictures mitigates investment risk via pre-existing contacts with all the Unions, Guilds and by utilizing various tax rebates, subsidies, and International pre-sales, substantially reducing production costs by 30 to 50 percent. White Collar Pictures successful model is driven by properly executed productions, long established relationships and fine tuned strategic distribution mechanisms and direct to consumer core audience marketing campaigns.

Protecting the Investment

White Collar Pictures has established relationships and partnerships with some of the most highly respected and long-standing iconic companies in the industry, including AmazonPrime, iTunes and RedBox.

Risk Mitigation

In the US, many states have implemented their own tax incentives which have made independent film productions accessible and cost effective. Motion picture incentives can directly reduce the actual cost of a motion picture and can be in the form of a direct investment, rebate or credit. As a result, a popular form of risk mitigation is producing motion pictures which qualify for tax incentives, subsidies and/or rebates. Our Pennsylvania tax credit is 25% and just recently approved was the Section 181 Film Incentive Tax Program. If you are an individual Investor, Private Equity Firm, Hedge Fund, HNW Investor, Asset Manager, Fund Of Fund, or Regional Company and are looking for a high-yield, absolute-return alternative investment that also can generate substantial Federal and State Tax Incentives, Credits, Cash Rebates, while at the same time be part of a structured film finance opportunity that can offer an absolute return of 50-100% on capital before revenues, Section 181 is for you.

Content Selection

Content Selection and Creative Integrity is one of the most important elements in the decision process to produce a movie. By focusing the investment analysis on story content, Creative Integrity and commercial merits of a project, relying on professional high profile creative personnel for excellence in execution, focusing both grass roots and traditional marketing on branded entertainment, and by targeting core audiences to each Movie release White Collar Pictures increases the likelihood that the motion picture will be a commercial and financial success.

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